Mana Pools

One of Southern Africa’s most undeveloped national parks

Unique safari experience

Far removed from any urban landscape, Mana Pools (Unesco World Heritage site ) has the special ability to transport you away from taxing modern-day living to a breathtaking and remote haven filled with birdlife, ancient trees and abundant wildlife.

Large elephant bulls balance precariously on their hind-legs as they reach seven or eight meters into the canopy of an African Albida, prides of lion stalk Cape buffalo on the open floodplain during the heat of the day and African wild dog run freely in pursuit of impala within the riverine forests.

Wildlife encounters are endless and intimate.

The park welcomes its visitors to leave the confines of their vehicles, allowing the life-changing experience of seeing Mana’s majestic wildlife on-foot.

This is a rare opportunity to encounter nature in an intimate way, face-to-face and utterly exposed. You will be stripped of all pretences, time will standstill.

In these moments you will find yourself totally vulnerable, you will discover exactly what lies beneath your fragile outer being.

In Mana Pools, the wildlife encounters don’t end once you are back at camp. Elephants will pass through the camp on a daily basis in search of seed pods produced by large Albida trees.

It is not uncommon to have lion or leopard pass through the camp at night either. This is a wilderness experience in it’s purest form.

The thunderous roars of the kings of Mana Pools fill the forest and these “battles of sound” resonate throughout the Zambezi Valley on most nights.

Falling asleep whilst listening to these combatants is a feeling not easily described in words, it requires the first-hand experience.

Any opportunity to visit this dramatic corner of Africa should never be missed. I have not met a single person who would not return to Mana Pools.

There seems to be a magnetic quality that draws you back time and time again, a need to explore further and to experience more of what Mana has to offer.

The remoteness of the park, the sheer size and the breathtaking beauty all come together to create an idyllic African experience inequality.

Mana Pools Activities

Canoeing Safari

The lower Zambezi river canoe safaris are unquestionably the best in Africa – with an ideal combination of unspoilt wilderness, some of the finest game and birdlife in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Game Drives

Game drives are the ultimate and most quintessential experience in Africa. It is, typically, where you’ll get a chance to see wildlife in their true habitat.

Walking Safari

Exceptionally high guiding standards due to a rigorous training programme, coupled with a flexible attitude towards walking make this a top destination for walking safaris.

Bird Watching

Zimbabwe is one of the best value of birding destinations in Africa. It boasts more the 400 species throughout the country, making it an essential country for any world birder.

Safari Lodges in Mana Pools

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One of our all-time favourite lodges in Mana Pools.  Now with a new facelift and back on our portfolio of luxury accommodation, this camp never ceases to let us down.  Luxurious accommodation, idyllic location, superb wildlife opportunities, delicious cuisine and the forever helpful and smiling Wilderness Staff on standby to assist with your every need.

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The seven raised tents are found on the banks of the Zambezi river overlooking an open floodplain and the broad Zambezi River.  The magnificent  mountains of the Rift Valley escarpment offer the most exquisite backdrop and provides photographers with endless photographic opportunities. 

The activities offered include 4×4 safari drives, night drives, boat cruises, canoeing, guided walks and fishing.  If you have never tried tiger fishing, this is the place to try !!  The perfect spot!!

NOTE:  Chikwenya is open seasonally between April and mid/late November.

Kanga Camp

Set in the most remote part of the World Heritage Site in Mana Pools is the Kanga Pan, not too far from Chitake Springs.

The 12-bedded tented camp has en-suite bathroom facilities with outdoor showers and basins overlooking the water hole. 

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The main area has a comfortable lounge and dining area offering you uninterrupted views of a very active water hole.

Relax in the upper deck lounge under the shade of a mahogany or sit on the deck below near the splash pool and enjoy Kanga − the old Africa in a new era.

This camp is ideal for the end of your safari where we call the experience “an armchair safari”.  You sit and watch this waterhole and the wildlife comes to you !!


This camp with only 7 rooms, is located inland from the Zambezi River and although it does not have a river frontage setting, it is found in a superb spot overlooking the dry Ruckomechi riverbed.  The lodge faces east with a view of the rising sun above the magnificent Zambezi Valley floor and the impressive escarpment as a backdrop.  They say location is key and this camp has it all.

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A waterhole is set below the camp where the wildlife drifts in to quench their thirst throughout the day.  There is a fabulous hide right at the waters-edge which allows you to get up close to the visiting herds of buffalo, elephant or antelope without them knowing you are there. 

The photographic opportunities from this spot are endless.  The birding at the camp is spectacular with many different species showing up at different times of the year and to mould it all together the camp staff are there to make sure your every need is met and that your wildlife experience is what you are dreaming of.


This is the newest camp from African Bush Camps.  The location of this camp is in a remote part of the National Park and offers drives on their own concession as well as in the Main Mana Pools park area which gives more opportunities to guests to view the wildlife roaming through this  World Heritage Site. 

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This camp is set on the banks of one of the oldest rivers in the world and the design of the camp subtly incorporates the element of water and pays homage to the astounding beauty of the might Zambezi River.  This camps’ interiors offer a cool and relaxed feel which immediately allows its guests to relax and melt into the ambience that surrounds them.

When looking out from one of the six luxurious tented suites, you have an uninterrupted view of the river and the escarpment beyond and allows you to feel that you are the only person on this earth at that time! 

An excerpt from their website but we couldn’t say it any better “There is an abundance of game and birds dance on the breeze. Guests are able to spend their days walking in the footsteps of ancient explorers and following the tracks of an elephant. Here, visitors can watch the drama of the wild play out before their eyes on game drives and canoeing safaris and marvel at the incredible sights and sounds of one of Africa’s last remaining wild frontiers.”

Ruckomechi Camp

Located in the legendary Mana Pools National Park, Ruckomechi enjoys incredible views across the Zambezi to the towering escarpment on the Zambian side of the river.

Albida trees provide both shade and seed pods that are beloved of elephants, meaning that these charismatic creatures are never far away.

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Guest accommodation consists of ten spacious en-suite tented units, including two family units, and open 4×4 vehicles, motorised pontoon boats, canoes and good old safari boots facilitate the wildlife viewing.

The camp even features a secluded outdoor bath for a luxurious sensory experience.

Ruckomechi is open throughout the dry (winter) season.

INSIDER TIP: A boat cruise along the mighty Zambezi is a wonderful way to see wildlife and waterbirds from a different perspective. For the more adventurous – there’s the option of canoeing along this famous river or sleeping a night out on the Stardeck!

Zambezi Expeditions 

The legendary Mana Pools is known for its wildlife-rich flood plains and magnificent views of the Zambezi River, with the Zambezi Escarpment in Zambia as a dramatic backdrop to the scenery. 

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The river boasts some of Africa’s most amazing tiger fishing and adventure canoeing safaris, creating the perfect combination of beauty and fun and making this World Heritage site a must-visit national park.

Zambezi Expeditions offers one of the best ways to experience Mana Pools on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River.

The 12-bed luxury mobile camp comprises of 6 twin bedded mini-Meru style tents with en-suite bathroom facilities including flush toilets and al fresco bucket showers, the camp gives luxury camping a new definition by virtue of its simple yet elegant and comfortable furnishings.

The camp has a minimum stay of two nights for a minimum of two people and is the perfect combination to include with Kanga or Kavinga Camp for an overall riverside and inland experience.

Activities include game drives, walking safaris, canoeing safaris, fishing and bird watching.

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